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SSS FireProtections

   Established in 2015, SSS Fire protections is managed by Mr. Sheik Mohamed and is here as a solution for all your life safety needs with fire protection systems. We are a combination of energy, effort, commitment, effectiveness, and results. In order to meet your needs, SSS Fire Protection Equipment Suppliers In Coimbatore ensure a collaborative environment with the right kind of tools and support.
   We have taken up the charge to provide safety to commercial, industrial and residential properties in and around Coimbatore. We ensure any repairs and complaints are addressed within 24 hours with the prompt response and active protection. The in-depth knowledge allows us to be diverse with the work as we are qualified and capable of performing. We are constantly growing while keeping it intact and progressive to give you the hands-on service and results as required. Our success lies in doing what we claimed we would do.


We foresee each organization planning their safety assurance with us in the coming future. We want to be one of the major international Fire protection company by 2020 as are known the quality, integrity, and expertise in our services. Customers can choose us when they want the job done right. Suppliers can look up to us when they want their product to be represented as professionally and as effectively.


We thrive to deliver best safety service to our clients. With constantly updated equipment and solutions, we are here to ensure the safety concerns of any kind of property.

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Company policy


We comply with all local govern regulations as per policy and are here to live up to high-quality standards as we are confident in the systems installed and their operation.

Ensure immediate actions are being taken to resolve all conditions by minimizing job timelines and working according to the strict project schedule.

Promote safety awareness with the protection of property and life with our design, installation, alarms and detection systems.

Encouraging staffs to supervise the unsafe conditions without any fear of high commitment to system quality.